A Picnic Proposal with an iPad | St. Louis Engagement Photography

Happy Spring! I absolutely love my job and feel blessed to work with such great clients, especially on days like this one!

Kevin called me up, super anxious to propose to his pretty girl, Rachael! Kevin is an anesthesiologist, and this story will not be one to put you to sleep! (sorry for the bad humor, I just couldn’t pass it up!)

From the moment they met and throughout their entire relationship, they have been sharing some really endearing conversations via text messages. Kevin has saved each one with a sweet plan up his sleeve! He envisioned a romantic picnic proposal in Forest Park on a pretty spring day. Now get this … he took a handwriting sample from Rachael to help find the font that best matched her penmanship! Love it! He then created pages and pages of the reproduced text messages along with his own cute little hand-drawn cartoon illustrations that told their story, including things like the moment they changed their relationship status on Facebook (see the first image)! All leading up to the big moment where he would share their story on a new iPad in Forest Park during a romantic picnic, which I was there to capture!

So I was super incognito – hat + sunglasses, all while trying to avoid being attacked by nesting geese (see image below), waiting for the BIG moment!:)I knew it was going to happen shortly after he showed their story that he created on the new iPad! I was giddy with excitement and had a huge smile on my face the en-tire time! I was so excited for Rachael and I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face!

Kevin is so sweet + romantic, I just have to share something he said about her … “I never thought I’d meet a girl like Rachael simply because I never thought a girl like Rachael actually existed. She far exceeds anything I could have ever imagined or hoped for. Out of all the gentlemen on this planet, God has chosen me to be the one she fell in love with. It’s difficult to wrap my mind around that. I am truly blessed beyond belief.”

I hope I make the ongoing story as well – cartoon illustration and all! Enjoy some of my favorite images from the BIG moment! Congratulations to Kevin + Rachael!



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