One Year Ago Today …

… Ryan proposed to me in Paris! And of course, I said Oui! Talk about an amazing day, I was giddy with delight! I always love hearing sweet engagement stories, and I decided I would share mine …

Ryan was working on vacation plans for us last winter, and it turned out to be a surprise trip to Paris – which he shared with me over dinner at one of our favorite French restaurants, Chez Leon. We were to fly out in 1 week! I immediately thought it would be really neat to work with an international photographer and since I had this perfect dress to wear – why not in Paris! Lucky me, Ryan was totally up for doing a shoot during our trip.:)So I literally googled “Paris photographers” and we found the perfect match – One and Only Paris Photography.

Yes, I actually packed the vintage yellow dress in my suitcase that I spent days steaming before we left, and then again when we arrived! The vintage green shoes and my In Love in Paris garland I made had to come too! I did have a feeling Ryan was going to propose, but I had no idea when it was going to happen. The en-tire week went by and na-da! Hmphh. Right before our photo shoot, I begged Ryan for us to get a taxi to meet the photographers, when it was only a 5 minute walk. The taxi meter was already running for at least 10 minutes when we departed the hotel, so it was a pretty steep fare, which he was not thrilled about! Aside from that, Ryan just seemed to be acting a little bit differently …. I could tell that something was definitely up! And it was making me so nervous for the photo session! At the time, I actually wasn’t even thinking that he might be a little jittery due to the fact he was going to pop the big question! Love it! So many of my brides tell me how silly their man behaved before the big proposal! So funny they are all just alike.

Audrey and Anthony from One and Only Paris had no idea what was in store for them! They thought we were just doing a love shoot. So despite being very near the Square de L’Opera, the photographers were able to discover this quaint little side street with cool architecture and a few cafes, but with only a few people around. There was a great little plaza there too. Perfect for our shoot! One of the first things we did was a ‘walking scene’ from one side of the plaza back towards the photographers on the other side. Audrey and Anthony were getting their exposures set when we were on the opposite side of the plaza. Ryan finally decided this was the time to propose and asked me to marry him! We walked back to Audrey and Anthony all giddy… and hugging… and kissing… and to show off my new sparkly ring. They couldn’t believe it! So this day, on March 20th was truly the day of our engagement. I’m so happy I fell in love with the best person in the whole world! Love him so. Happy One Year Proposal!

Enjoy some of my favorite images from our In Love in Paris shoot and if you are ever visiting – definitely reach out to One and Only Paris Photography – they were fantastic to work with and incredibly talented!



Amanda McAllisterMay 17, 2011 - 10:57 pm

How did I miss this post?! You guys are a BEAUTIFUL couple. I love, love, love all these pictures!

YaraMarch 20, 2011 - 5:22 pm

Oh La La. These pictures are amazing! You are stunning in that dress! Here’s to many many many years of being in love! Hugs!

Brit @ Landlocked BrideMarch 20, 2011 - 4:42 pm

Gorgeous photos! Swooning over that yellow dress, too!

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