Baby Luke Joseph | St. Louis Newborn Photographer

After this session I’ve decided that I definitely would love to someday have a baby in the month of October! I heart Fall! Completely delicious weather and cozy cute outfits to boot!

Since I never really know what to expect around the workspace or lighting conditions at my client’s home, I’m always a little nervous before a shoot. I need plenty of space and a lot of nice, natural light. So, I was completely thrilled when I met this cute little family at their charming place. The main wall in the kitchen had been turned into an entire chalkboard, which we totally had to use! I could have been there all day creating little doodles, or just holding Baby Luke.:)Just outside, there was a wooden fence covered with leaves changing colors! A complete fall scene – perfect for the nubby owl outfit Mom purchased on Etsy!

I’ve also been wanting to introduce a little vintage-y style to some of my photos. The photos from this session were perfect for applying the vintage influence and getting the look I wanted.

Thank you Mom & Grandma for helping at the session! I hope you love the images – aren’t they just a HOOT!

Warm & cozy thoughts,


Bonnie BickelOctober 23, 2010 - 2:16 am


Oooohhhh!!!! My Baby Luke! I have been wanting to check out your website ever since meeting you last week. Can you imagine my utter delight when the first pictures I saw were of Luke?! They are absolutely beautiful, and I am thrilled! I immediately called Emily…she didn’t answer, but I did reach Matt! I then immediately called all other family members. Can’t wait to hear what they have to say1

Once again, I have to tell you how impressed we were with you. Your gentle ways with Luke were so touching to observe. You truly understand what a gift an infant is and will truly make an awesome mom when your (hopefully) autumn baby arrives! Didn’t even flinch when he peed on you for the fourth time!

The pictures are beautiful… your work is amazing. Thank you.

Best of luck to you in your wedding next week. We will be thinking of you.\


Bonnie Bickel

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